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June 29th, 2016


Murray- Key to the Missionary Problem — You may find a full text download in several formats at this address.

By utilizing the Full Text option located at the right of the page you have the option to read the document in its entirety online. Several other options are given. Some of them require a lengthy download. I found that it is possible to open the “full text” version, select, copy and past the entire contents of the document into a word document such as Wordpad. There will be some errors, but of course it is easier to read seeing you don’t have to remain connected to the internet the entire extent of your reading.

Evangelism Explosion was produced by Dr. D. James Kennedy back in the seventies. It was my experience to be trained in this groundbreaking work in that decade. Much has been added since that time. You may access the Evangelism Explosion website here. All of this information is still practical today.

Dr. Billy Graham’s ministry is still alive today via television. Almost every week I find myself watching one of his archived programs. His son Franklin is keeping in step with the pace following his father’s vision. An almost inexhaustible resource for evangelism can be found here.

A few years ago one of my cohorts in chaplaincy introduced me to John Piper’s website. At John Piper’s site, Desiring God, there is a river of information concerning evangelism.

Almost all of us know about Rodney Howard-Browne from a few years ago and the revival he was involved with. At his site, Revival.com you will find a multiplicity of tools and information about soul winning. I have also included an address where you can go to find a PDF document entitled “Power Evangelism Manual.”

This is a very large file. If you plan to download, it will take a seriously fast connection.

There is much more information available on the internet. Most important to all of us who are serving the Lord, we need to avail ourselves of everything that is accessible and USE everything we can to win souls for the LORD. The END is hastily approaching!!

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