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July 9th, 2015

Evangelism.Encounterz.Org is a faith-based endeavor and is a by-product and development of the ministry of Dr. Dennis Robinson. During his academic studies at the Master’s level Dr. Robinson came to the conclusion that there are several items necessary for the Church to continue in Christian ministry. Among these items are Scripture based Theology, Effectual Prayer, Evangelism, and Discipleship and Nurture. Though other items may be essential, these four items are what impacted Robinson’s life and are an outgrowth of his own spiritual development and formation.

During his forty plus years of ministry Dr. Robinson has been a pastor, evangelist, teacher, administrator, missionary, and hospital chaplain. During a recent visit to Mexico, ministering in several churches, visiting with  church leaders, Robinson shared his desire to assist in training ministers. This website was promised as a means of sharing training resources, communication, and a way to stay connected to those ministers and others. All of the materials will be introduced in a blog format. A means to translate into at least 81 languages will be available.

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