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Relevant Past

August 14th, 2015

Back in the early 1900’s there was a lot going on to promote missionary and evangelistic work.  Andrew Murray, at the invitation of Dwight L. Moody, went to New York to speak at the Great Ecumenical Missionary Conference in 1900. A record of Murray’s delivery to the audience is encapsulated in his work The Key to the Missionary Problem.  The work is in the Public Domain.  It has been transposed into a PDF file, which had to have some editing because the original cannot be opened with a translator.  There will be some errors in the print, but the message is coherent. It is also possible to go to this site, and open the document as “full text.” At that point you have the option to highlight the entire document, copy and past it into a word processor like Wordpad. There will be some errors, but you will be able to read and assimilate the material more quickly. What Murray suggests sounds like the same kinds of problems we face today. Save the document to your desktop. Open the Google Translator, click on translate document, copy and paste the entire document into the appropriate window, choose your language preference, then click the Translate button. Sometimes it works to highlight and copy the web address of the documents you wish to translate and paste the web address into the window at Google Translate.  It is still necessary to select appropriate input and output languages. When at all possible Google Translator translates the entire web page.

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